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About Us

Haēstia is a home grown business based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, founded during the lockdown in year 2020.

The Haēstia experience revolves around our unique, handmade  concrete vessels, hand poured scented candles selection along with home décor designs which will take your home décor to the next level. All products are made from eco-friendly concrete ,wax used is 100% pure soy and essentials oils are without  any additives.

We’re a small business with passion towards experimenting with materials, concrete and textures while searching for innovative ways of bringing the minimalistic and upscale vibes to your home.

The word Haēstia( /ˈhɛstiə, ˈhɛstʃə/ ) is a name from ancient Greek mythology, Haēstia is a Goddess of fire, protector of home and family and therefore each one of our meticulously crafted candles is a tribute to grace, power and beauty of Haēstia. Candle collection names are explained in each category and they represent the holistic ideology of each candle.

We hope you enjoy our collections as much as we enjoy making them!

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